Woody Harrelson discusses how would he survive The Hunger Games and Haymitch’s drunkenness

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Woody Harrelson gave an interview to Movies.com where he gets to discuss which would be his own strategy if he was to compete in The Hunger Games and how fun was it to play a drunk character.

Movies.com: Do you think your character is a survivor or do you think he’s just someone who happened to survive?
I think he’s a real survivor…he has good survival instincts.

Movies.com: If you were placed in the same situation do you think you would survive?
I mean, I might not make it to the end but I certainly won’t go down without a serious fight.

Movies.com: What would be your go-to technique?
I would find water, that would be the first thing. And then if anyone came for me I would run like hell.

Movies.com: This sounds like the duck-and-cover technique.
That’s right. The duck and cover. My thing is even if I’m playing at a little poker tournament, I don’t need to win every hand or win a lot of chips, I just need other people to be going out. That’s my strategy, just try to make it down to the last few and then see what happens.

Movies.com: Speaking of alcoholism, Haymitch is drunk for the majority of the book. How much fun is it to play someone who is always under the influence?
It’s a lot of fun. I enjoyed it because I was a little nervous about it. I have tried to play a drunk before and watched it back and thought it was terrible. When you’re actually drunk you’re not thinking about the way you move or anything else nor would you want to be even thinking about that. I didn’t have a clear understanding of how to play a drunk but I’ve seen great examples of it. Johnny Depp plays one great in Pirates of the Caribbean. I think it came off good. I don’t know. I may not have pulled it off because I haven’t seen it.

To read the full interview, where Woody denies once again ever mentioning he signed down for 4 movies and praises Jennifer Lawrence‘s performance, head over to the source’s page.

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