Wes Bentley discusses his friendship with Lenny Kravitz

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Details magazine has interviewed Wes Bentley, the actor who portrays Seneca Crane in the movie. The 33-years-old actor discusses the friendship developed with actor and musician Lenny Kravitz during filming of The Hunger Games.

“Lenny Kravitz and I really clicked. We’d talk about acting and music, about his life in the Bahamas, hurricanes. Also how much we love—and really miss—eating burgers. He was getting ready for a tour, so he couldn’t, and I’ve been cutting back ever since I got sober.”

And speaking of friends, he also opened-up about the late Heath Ledger and how their relationship positively affected each other:

“He was as close as a person could be to me without being my actual brother. We both had that thing in us—a bit of reckless fearlessness. Whenever we got together, especially early on, we were all about pushing ourselves to be better. Not just as actors, but with our lives, too—the way we approached relationships, reading and writing poetry.”

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