Video: The Hunger Games cast and director take the stage inside the theater of the Paris Premiere

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Have you ever wondered what happens inside the theater after the cast walk through the red carpets of movie premieres? Well, here’s your chance to see it for yourself. Usually, before they roll the film, the director of the film alongside the main stars of the film and the producers (when available) take the stage to say a few words and present the film to the audience.

We just got this awesome video from Lionsgate of the The Hunger Games Paris Premiere of Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks and Gary Ross arriving to the stage of the theater and doing just that! It’s a cool video, specially for the fact that the whole audience salutes the stars with the three-finger sign from District 11! Here some caps, watch the video above (unfortunately, it was provided with no audio).

Be sure to check this other video of highlights from the Paris Premiere.

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