U.S. fans: Find the nearest Hunger Games DVD/BD Mignight Release Party

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Lionsgate has made available this great new site for fans in the U.S. to find the nearest Hunger Games DVD/BD Midnight Release Party. It’s as simple as entering your Zip Code and you’ll get a list of different stores that will hold release parties on the night of August 17. Click here to go to the site.

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  • OWN A PIECE OF THE ORIGINAL MOVIE!!!!!What better way to celebrate the release of the Hunger Games on DVD than to have a genuine artifact from the filming of your very own? I am fortunate enough to live near DuPont and to have some of the original material from the movie. I used it to make memorablia necklaces and you can get yours for only $12.95 on my website.Lionsgate legal team has verified their authenticity and allowed us to sell these.
    The FIRE WOOD necklace is made from the ACTUAL tree that the Game maker fell in front of Katniss, and it turned out to be strikingly beautiful wood called- believe it or not- flamed maple. It has awesome color variations and rays across it.

    The FIRE RING is made from the pipe after cutting, cleaning, and tumbling them. They have a pewter-like finish and he put them on suede cords.
    I have sold them to folks in Minnesota, Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana, and am sending some to Canada soon. I also am selling them locally at Local Color in Brevard. To buy online go to https://sites.google.com/site/fireringandfirewood/.

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