Rumor: Is Lionsgate casting actor Isaac King to play one of Peeta’s brothers?

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Few may remember the fact that, in the book, Peeta Mellark has two brothers. We know from the first book that one of them was too old to participate in the reaping, but the other one was eligible. Neither one of them is featured in the books other than a couple of mentions, so it comes of a surprise the fact that there may be proof of Lionsgate casting an actor to play on of Peeta‘s brother.

As shown below, HungerGamesTrilogy.Net spotted a tweet from actor Danny Williams congratulating his friend Isaac King for getting the role of Peeta’s brother on the sequel to The Hunger Games. What is striking, is how much Isaac resembles Josh! He actually looks more like him than his real life brother!

Since then, both the tween and Isaac King’s account have been deleted, which may just confirm the rumor and show that Lionsgate was not happy with the actor revealing the news before than intended. This is not yet official, though, and we’ll have to wait for word from the studio.

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