Rumor control: Josh Hutcherson is not sporting Peeta’s blonde hair yet, production has not begun

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It’s been a couple of days now since a few pictures of Josh Hutcherson with blonde hair started circulating the internet (among them the one that can be seen above). The pictures were, reportedly, from a recent fan encounter, which suggested that Josh had already dyed his hair blond for the production of Catching Fire. We decided to not post this before because this information was different from what we’d heard in previous reports; since production for the The Hunger Games sequel won’t start until September, it didn’t seem logic that Josh would have dyed his hair this early on.

So we decided to contact Hutcherson‘s reps and they have confirmed to us that Josh has not yet dyed his hair blond for the production of Catching Fire. “Josh does NOT yet have Peeta’s signature blonde hair – production has not yet begun,” they said. So while the pictures are legit and they definitely show Josh with blonde hair, they are not recent; the images must be from last year, from the time Josh was filming The Hunger Games.

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