‘People’ Goes Inside “The Hunger Games” Series with New Book

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the
76th Hunger Games!” As Katniss and her crew face their greatest battle yet, fans brace themselves for the end of the beloved series.

But first – People looks back with the ones who made this modern movie epic. Relive favorite moments, learn on-set secrets, and have fun storming the Capitol with exclusive interviews and photos – plus a sneak peek at Mockingjay Part 2 from People’s 96-page softcover book, The Hunger Games. (On newsstands November 13: $13.99/US and $16.99/Canada).

Highlights include:

SNEAK PEEK – MOCKINGJAY PART 2: All new photos fromthe final film chapter and an inside look at Panem’s revolution, as well as Katniss Everdeen’s final fight for freedom.

* PEOPLE OF PANEM: The victors, the villains, the rebels, and the lovers of the Hunger Games’ post-America world.

* MAKING THE SAGA: The stars, plus producer NINA JACOBSON, and other members of the creative team recall how the series came into being.

* SECRETS FROM THE SET: The amazing movie magic – and hilarious
off-camera antics – that happened on the way to the multiplex.

* HISTORY OF THE HUNGER GAMES IN 10 OBJECTS: Nightlock berries – real or fake? All the details that tell the story – and the stories of how they came to be.

* FASHION OF THE HUNGER GAMES: Feathery frocks. Wearable flames. Lashes with birds and insects. If it’s eye candy, it plays well in the Capitol. The right look can intimidate, earn sponsors for tributes or ignite revolution.

Here’s the series’ four costume designers – JUDIANNA MAKOVSKY (The Hunger Games), TRISH SUMMERVILLE (Catching Fire) and KURT & BART (both Mockingjays) – explain how they created the high-stakes looks of Panem.

* PANEM PANDEMONIUM!: Books became films, fans became frenzied, and real-life revolutions (not to mention real-life parents) took inspiration from this fictional world.

* TALKING WITH SUZANNE COLLINS – “A WRITER ISN’T FAR FROM A GAMEMAKER”: In a rare interview, the woman behind the trilogy discusses war and kids, her own archery skills, and the significance
of the recliner in her bedroom.

* LIFE OUTSIDE THE ARENA: What the stars of this Blockbuster series were doing when they weren’t making this blockbuster series. Featuring JENNIFER LAWRENCE, WILLOW SHIELDS, LIAM HEMSWORTH, and JOSH HUTCHERSON.

* TRIBUTE TO PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN: The Oscar-winning actor is remembered by his Hunger Games family. “A truly wonderful man with a magical touch,” is how SAM CLAFLIN remembered costar PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN, who died Feb. 2, 2014, at age 46, of a drug overdose.

* SUPERFAN GEOGRAPHY: The real sites that double for the districts and the Capitol. How many have you visited?

Copy is out in news stands today!

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