Opinion: So, what’s happening…? Do we have a Finnick or not?

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It’s been already a few weeks since it was first reported that Sam Claflin, the actor who played the Prince in Snow White and the Huntsman, had been chosen as Finnick Odair for the sequel to The Hunger Games. And the question that’s been in the mind of most fans since then is, Is it true, then? Do we have a Finnick?. Well, the answer is Maybe, but a maybe much more near to the yes than to the no.

The first thing we need to understand is that film casting is a complicated process, and that there are many interests involved with it. First, there are the filmmakers needs. They need an actor who both looks the part and can pull it off; someone who can act. We also have the studio; Lionsgate would like someone who has an it factor, something that would attract audiences and someone who would look good on the film posters. And then we have the fans, wishing for them to get someone who looks exactly as the Finnick in their minds, which is probably the most difficult part to please, since there are millions of fans with each one of them having a different version of Finnick in mind. So, when the Finnick actor is finally announced, let’s keep in mind the fact that it is a well-thought decision, that was taken with all these interests in mind.

But going back to the rumors, is Sam Claflin really the chosen one to play Odair? Personally, I think yes, he is. There are many signs that say so. First of all, we have (more than) double confirmation. We can start to consider a piece of news true when two independent sources report the same thing. In this case, we have Zap2it, Variety and GossipCop independently reporting that Claflin got the role. Second, and very important reason to believe the reports: all three of them are reputable, trust-worthy sources in the industry; and not only that, they have also, in the past, shared Hunger Games exclusives that proved to be true.

And finally, another good sign that leads us to think we do have a Finnick and that that Finnick is Sam Claflin, is the fact that after weeks of Finnick-related rumors, we stopped hearing them after the Claflin reports surfaced. In the last three weeks, there has not been a single rumor about another actor being considered for the role. I personally do not think this is a coincidence.

There’s one last thing that we should keep in mind, though. In this business, nothing is official until… it’s official. We cannot be 100% sure of Sam being our Finnick until Lionsgate issues an official statement saying so. We’ll have to wait for that to happen, then, but I think it will be very soon.

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