Alexander Ludwig

Alexander Richard Ludwig was born May 7, 1992 in Vancouver, Canada to Sharlene and Harald Ludwig; he’s the elder brother to three siblings, including twin siblings two years younger. Even though her mother is a former canadian actress known as Sharlene Martin, Alexander had a hard time convincing his parents to let him be a child actor, since they were worried he would be dragged to “a life that isn’t reality”. At the end, he convinced him and started his acting career in a Harry Potter toy commercial, at the age of 9.

In years to come, he landed small roles in TV films and series. Ludwig’s best known role to date is his performance as Will Stanton in the film adaptation of Susan Cooper’s book The Dark is Rising, titled for film release as The Seeker. Alexander has mentioned he had to go through sixteen different auditions to land the role.

Nowadays, Alexander Ludwig is working hard to blend his acting career with his studies; attends college at University of Southern California studying film, theater and entrepreneurship. He loves surfing and occasionally participates in ski competitions.

Now, Alexander Ludwig is Cato in The Hunger Games.

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