Meet the Actors

A wonderful part of the experience of being a fan of a book that later becomes a movie is to discover which actors are gonna play your favorite characters. For The Hunger Games a great number of actors have agreed to lend their talents to portray the amazing characters written by Suzanne Collins. We have made this section so you get to know them all: their early lives, important performances and fun facts. Make sure you take a close look at each one of them, there is amazing talent among these people, including several Academy Award-nominated actors.

          » Katniss Everdeen is portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence
          » Peeta Mellark is portrayed by Josh Hutcherson
          » Gale Hawthorne is portrayed by Liam Hemsworth
          » Effie Trinket is portrayed by Elizabeth Banks
          » Haymitch Abernathy is portrayed by Woody Harrelson
          » Cato is portrayed by Alexander Ludwig
          » Caesar Flickerman is portrayed by Stanley Tucci
          » Rue is portrayed by Amandla Stenberg
          » Primrose Everdeen is portrayed by Willow Shields
          » Clove is portrayed by Isabelle Fuhrman

Casting for the sequel The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is underway. Until now only a few actors have been officially confirmed by Lionsgate. We’ll update this section as more announcements are made.

          » Plutarch Heavensbee will be portrayed by Philip Seymour Hoffman

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