Maxim interviews Leven Rambin; new photoshoot

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Maxim posted an interview and new photos of the Hunger Games actress, Leven Rambin. She talks about playing Glimmer and chasing Jennifer Lawrence for their fight scene.

The Hunger Games is about attractive teens fighting to the death on live TV. Is this going to be the next Twilight?
It’s a lot more stimulating. Everything is high-stakes, and it’s a lot darker.

Tell us about your role.
I play Glimmer, one of the competitors. She has this crazy sexuality that she tries to manipulate people with, but once she gets into the arena she’s a
vicious killing machine.

You and Jennifer Lawrence have some intense catfights!
Filming it was funny—chasing her and screaming that I’m gonna slit her throat! It was way more interesting to play a mani­acal character than one that’s similar to me.

Head over to to see the rest of the images; some of them may be NSFW, though.

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