Liam Hemsworth covers March issue of Details magazine

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We learnt today that Liam Hemsworth, our very own Gale, covers the March issue of Details magazine, a fashion and social magazine for men! The magazine’s online website features the full cover story (which is pretty long!), where the actor talks about his career, personal life and, of course, The Hunger Games!

Here are a few quotes involving the movie:

Liam got the call from Gary Ross, the director of The Hunger Games, about a year ago. “I was half asleep,” he says, using a seven-iron to stretch his back as we amble toward the first tee, “listening to the voice mail. He was like, ‘You did a great read. Do you want to come and do the movie?’ I was like, ‘Oh shit. Shit shit shit.’”

The article features a few quotes from director Gary Ross talking about Gale as a character.

It’s Liam—not Jennifer Lawrence—who is this film’s ingenue, a pretty young thing watching the hero do battle. ”He’s so vital to understanding where she comes from,” says the film’s director, Gary Ross. “We need to feel for her and her connection to him.”

It’s hard to say how much pressure comes with fronting a franchise, especially when it could transform the guy who’s Thor’s brother and who walks Miley’s dog into Hollywood’s hottest young star. While Liam downplays such expectations, he concedes that he and his Hunger Games character share a certain helplessness. “Gale is someone who wants to stand up to this thing but can’t,” Liam says. “He’s pretty powerless.”

Finally, the actor addresses the issue everybody is talking about: The Hunger Games will change the lives of the movie actors and all people involved. “What do you say to someone? ‘Your life’s gonna change.’ Okay. Thanks. Cool.” Details magazine shared a few outtakes from the photoshoot by Norman Jean Roy that didn’t make the magazine’s final cut; you can’ check them below!

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