Josh Hutcherson talks Julio Verne, filming CGI scenes and his own adventurous spirit

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We are hearing a lot from Josh Hutcherson these days thanks to the promotion of his new film Journey 2, and now, thanks to El Universal, we have a new interview the actor gave during his stay in Mexico. In it, he talks about Julio Verne‘s books, how he has to use his imagination while filming scenes that involve green screens and briefly discusses his own adventurous spirit.

“I haven’t read Julio Verne’s books, I don’t think people my age read that kind of books anymore, but he writes about great adventures that can be tell through the screen even one hundred years after they were written.”

The actor also talked about filming scenes that involve green screens, “You have to use your imagination and don’t think about how silly it feels like, doing it. Because that’s the way it feels, you are supposedly running through a forest or someplace that’s not there.

About the kind of films he likes to work on, “I love doing movies I have fun with while filming them, films that I’d enjoy watching, so I want to do more movies that involve adventure at some point. But for me what’s really important is to keep doing different things, things that challenge me, to tell storys about different aspects of life, no matter where the movie is heading up to.”

He shared about his own adventure spirit: “I’d like to be in a mysterious place that hadn’t been discovered before. I’m someone who loves taking risks. I like camping, hiking and exploring.”

Well, The Hunger Games will sure give him some space to use that imagination!

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