Josh Hutcherson looks ahead 2012: “It’s going to be a really big year!”

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In a new interview for MTV, actor Josh Hutcherson talks about what lays ahead him this 2012 and the careful choices he has to make while choosing film roles.

“2012 is going to be a really big year, I’m looking forward to it,” Hutcherson said. “[There’s going to be] a lot of press, a lot of traveling with that. I’m excited for ‘The Hunger Games’ to come out and see how that does and hopefully get started on the second one.” Hutcherson also revealed that he hopes to one day work behind the camera in addition to in front of it.

“I want to get into directing and producing and writing my own stuff at some point. I’m kind of just tiptoeing into that as well,” he said. Our “One to Watch” has mentioned actors such as Christian Bale, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Gosling as career role models with regard to the careful choices they’ve made in choosing films.

“It’s all about balance; everything in life is about balance, in my opinion,” Hutcherson said. “You have to do the big studio movies to keep people caring about you in a way, and also for me, I’ve been really fortunate. I haven’t done any big studio movies that suck. They’ve all been good material and that’s the most important thing for my career, to choose the right material and to choose the characters that I care about and stories I want to tell. So that’s kind of how I’ve gone about my career since I was 9, more or less.”

Besides The Hunger Games, this 2012 Josh Hutcherson will release Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, co-starring Vanessa Hudgens and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson; hits theaters February 10.

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