Josh Hutcherson is ‘dying to meet’ Emma Watson, talks about a present from Kristen Stewart

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Here’s a note Harry Potter and Twilight fans will love.

It turns out there’s an Emma Watson fan among the cast members of The Hunger Games. In an interview with Yahoo! UK, when asked which star he’d like to join the Hunger Games cast, Josh Hutcherson revealed he loves Emma Watson. “I love Emma Watson. She’s fantastic.

They haven’t met, but as he says, he’s dying to, “I’m dying to meet her. I tried to. I was in town, and I asked my manager to call her manager to see if we could meet. It hasn’t happened yet but one day… fingers crossed.

While he hasn’t have the chance to meet the Harry Potter heroine, he has definitely met her Twilight counterpart, Kristen Stewart. Both actors worked together in the 2005 film Zathura: A Space Adventure, and they were close enough to exchange birthday presents. In the interview, Josh shared the story ob Bob, a turtle Kristen bought him for his 13th birthday.

It’s a very sad story actually, Bob’s demise. We went out of town for a while because I was going to work on a film, and it was shortly after I’d gotten Bob and we had a friend that was supposed to be taking care of him and he forgot. So we came back and Bob was no longer with us.

He never mentioned the incident to Kristen, though. “They’re supposed to live to 85 years old too, so we thought I’d have him to the end of my life and he lasted five months.

We really hope Josh gets to meet Emma one day, if that makes him happy. And once they are close enough maybe she gives him a turtle to replace Bob ;).

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