Jennifer Lawrence on The Hunger Games: “It’s a terrible reflection of our past, our present and our future”

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In a new great article from, Jennifer Lawrence talks about what she believes the story behind The Hunger Games say about our society and how guilty are we of the crimes of the Capitol.

“It’s this terrible reflection of our past, our present and our future,” Lawrence said. “It shows what happens when we lose touch with our empathy and our humanity. When society starts to use people’s pain and suffering for entertainment – as we have in the past, do now and will again.”

“When we’re not careful, history repeats itself. Before it was Roman gladiators and now it’s reality TV. I’m as guilty as anyone,” Lawrence said. “You look at these poor people go into a room and get made fun of, laughed at, their entire dream shattered, shot out the door, and you’re eating popcorn and laughing like it’s the funniest thing. And so am I. I’m not judging because I’m every bit a part of it.

“It says so much about young people and their voice and what we can do when something’s wrong and we’re not quiet. People are such sheep. We always have been. We find some leader and if enough people believe them the rest will follow. Think about school and bullies and somebody hurting – can you not feel that when you see somebody’s picking on another kid and people are laughing? It’s very rare that an entire group of people can stand up and say, ‘That’s wrong,’ and start fighting back. That’s what this is about. It’s a girl who stands up for what’s right, even when it’s scary. People fall in love with that. It feels good.”

Jennifer adds that Katniss Everdeen represents a “girl that feels empathy when nobody else does.

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