Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth on ‘El Hormiguero’

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Liam, Josh and Jen stopped by the popular show El Hormiguero when they were in madrid and it has finally aired! This show is known for its fun interviews and getting the actors to take part in silly games.



During the interview the trio showed off how much Spanish they could speak (love Josh’s accent btw!) and they also talked about the questions they hate being asked over and over during press junkets.

App users if you don’t see the video you can watch it on the web version HERE

Más vídeos en Antena3

Noe Pablo is asking what question they would like to be asked and respond to and we get the reason why Jen on Conan said the Hemsworth’s are scab eating animals!

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Jen also talks about her many photobombs and whether or not they get nervous meeting other celebrities.

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And finally the trio was introduced to the ants of the show, Trancas and Barrancas, and played a game of “It Was Me” answering who is the culprit of each question asked.
Who eats more at the craft table? Who is most romantic? Who complains more during action scenes? Who buys the most absurd items? Who has the healthiest eating habits?

Más vídeos en Antena3

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