Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly negotiating a major salary raise for Catching Fire

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The Hollywood Reporter has got the scoop on some of the negotiations going on in preparation for the start of production of the Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire. According to their sources, Jennifer Lawrence is currently in negotiations to get a major salary raise for the film.

The actress is asking for a sum around the $10 million range, including salary, bonuses and escalators. It’s important to notice that franchise actors in general are paid bonuses and escalators, which means that depending on the movie’s box office performance, the actors would get a percentage of the income; this following the logic that the actors are a fundamental piece in attracting people to the theater, which means more tickets sold and a bigger box office sum.

The raise would represent a major change from the US $500,000 she received for the first Hunger Games movie. You must rest assured though, that her involvement with the movie is not in risk. There’s a contract that holds all main actors for a four-movie franchise.

This does not come as a surprise, as it was expected that due to the amazing performance of the first movie, all actors would receive a payment raise. And, let’s say it, the raise is pretty much well deserved.

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