HungerTimes joins Panem World fan site group

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We’re are pleased to announce that HungerTimes is joining the Panem World fan site group, representing the United States in the fight against the Capitol.

Panem World is a growing group of 18 Hunger Games fan sites from different countries across the world. Originally born as a desire to collaborate all fan sites together to bring the best news about The Hunger Games to the fans, Panem World has now grown to be an international collaborative network for webmasters of Hunger Games fan sites around the world, helping us to inform fans about the news from as many territories as possible.

In Panem World, we’re currently working on a big, exciting project for fans of The Hunger Games around the world. It will be announced very soon, so stay tune!

Visit the Panem World official site to know the other fansites integrating the group. The site is currently undergoing a restyling, but will be up soon.

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