Hunger Times EXCLUSIVE: Madrid ‘Catching Fire’ Press Conference Videos

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Hunger Times was on site yesterday for the Madrid Press Conference and Premiere Photocall and we were able to take video of the entire press conference which we are posting in 3 parts.

We were able to get a question in to the cast, second one of them all:

We could say you have checked “Big Movie Franchise” out of your career checklists, after wrapping up Mockingjay filming, what’s next? Any particular roles you’d love to play? Any director or actor you’d love to work with?

Josh gave a great answer and Jen was about to answer when the interpreter started doing his thing.. oh so close!

Also. You can’t miss the moment when Jen tries to open a tic tac packet and they fall all over the place. Of course, Jen being Jen had to try and pick them all up. Gotta love her.

Don’t miss the following extract of the video where Jennifer Lawrence spills a whole pack of mints while trying to open it, producing and unforgettable moment:

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