An incredible group of people is needed to maintain a site like Hunger Times updated in a daily basis. We not only have to constantly publish interesting content, we also have to make sure it is presented in a way that is visually attractive and up to date with the latest digital trends.

To do that we have a certain number of people voluntarily working every day to keep the site as fresh and cool as you know it. Meet them!

Fernando Álvarez (Fhaps) – Webmaster
Fernando founded Hunger Times along side Gerardo in January 2012. Nowadays he keeps supervising the daily activities of the site. He is Editor in Chief of the spanish version of the site and manages the social networking accounts of Hunger Times.

He was born in Mexico where last year he graduated from a Bachelor degree in Marketing. He currently works as a Market Researcher and coordinates his Hunger Times activities with several other personal and professional projects.

Gerardo Pacheco – Tech Manager
Gerardo is one of the founders of Hunger Times. To this day he is in charge of all the technological aspects of the site, including programming and maintenance. Gerardo also developed our mobile app, the Hunger Times App.

He was born in Venezuela and currently lives in Madrid, Spain, where he supervises and develops several other tech projects.

Karen Olea – Content Manager
Karen joined the Hunger Times team in December 2012, quickly becoming a fundamental piece of the site. She updates the english news section in a daily basis and covers all the American Hunger Games press and fan events, like last year’s Catching Fire panel at Comic-Con and the L.A. premiere and after party in November.

She was born in Mexico and currently lives in the U.S., where she got an AA degree in Business Marketing. Karen is also the General Manager of Robert Pattinson’s fansite

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