Finnick update: Producer calls rumors “so not true”; report states there are still 8 actors on the run

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The rumors regarding the casting of Finnick Odair that started last week have been driving us all crazy. While there have been conflicting rumors, most of the reports stated Armie Hammer, Taylor Kitsch and Garrett Hedlund were the frontrunners. Since it all started we hadn’t heard any kind of official word, until now that producer Nina Jacobson talked to LA Times about it, calling the rumors “so not true“.

That’s the thing that’s crazy — people are like way ahead of where we are,” Nina Jacobson told to Los Angeles Time on the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards.. “We’ve not narrowed things down by any means. It’s funny to see how things can take on a life of their own.

When asked whether or not they were taking fan input into account while auditioning, Jacobson spoke about the problems on that. “It means something that people can see [an actor] in that light, so you know [the actor] will be accepted by a lot of people, on the one hand,” she said. “On the other hand, you have to kind of ignore it. You have to just sort of act like you’re sitting in a room and you want to just pick the person who gives the best audition and looks and feels most like the part.

One thing is for sure: they are right in the process of casting the District 4 victor. But who’s actually on the run? A new report from Zap2It is telling us that the list of candidates is narrowed to 8 actors, much more accurate to Nina‘s comments. Keep reading to know which new names are supposedly on the competition.

While the source couldn’t provide the full list of candidates, three new names where provided: Lucas Till, Trevor Donovan and Alan Ritchson.

Sources tell Zap2it exclusively that the field has been narrowed to eight actors. Armie Hammer and Garrett Hedlund remain on the short list, whereas Taylor Kitsch is not taking meetings about the role.

As we previously reported, however, award-winning casting director Debra Zane is not only looking at big names for the highly sought-after role. Actors read for the casting department this week, and while we can’t reveal the full list, we’ve confirmed that Lucas Till, Trevor Donovan, and Alan Ritchson are among the actors who will meet with Lionsgate over the next few days.

Till is no stranger to big franchises — or to Jennifer Lawrence. He co-starred with her as Havok in “X-Men: The First Class.” He’s also known for his role as Miley Cyrus’ love interest in the “Hannah Montana” movie. Donovan worked as a model and is best known as Teddy from The CW’s “90210.” He will appear in “Savages” this summer. Ritchson, who played Aquaman on “Smallville,” starred on “Blue Mountain State.”

Remember that Trevor Donovan mentioned last month he really wanted to play Finnick. “All actors have a dream role; playing Finnick Odair is mine,” he said back then.

What do you think of these new rumored candidates?

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