Elizabeth Banks on The Hunger Games’ female-driven story: “I love that there’s a heroine”

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BostonGlobe.com sat down with Elizabeth Banks to talk about his soon-to-be-released movie Man on a Ledge. While talking about the lack of main female roles in nowadays movies, The Hunger Games popped up.

Is it still that difficult to find movies where the part isn’t girlfriend or wife?
I challenge you to go through the movies that have opened – just look at the last two months. I mean, I’ve had great leading men. And some wives and girlfriends are better roles than others. “The Next Three Days’’ was a phenomenal role opposite an amazing actor [Russell Crowe]. Playing Laura Bush – she’s a great wife to play. But . . . she’s not the glue holding that movie together.

Now’s a good time to bring up “The Hunger Games.’’ It’s a female-driven story.
Suzanne [Collins] created an incredible world and it’s thematically amazing, and the scope and scale is awesome, but of course, I love, as a woman, that there’s a heroine. There’s sort of a love triangle – kind of – but it’s much more important that she survives.

I know it’s often compared to “Twilight,’’ but in “The Hunger Games,’’ the stakes are much higher.
What are the stakes in “Twilight’’? Like, “I don’t know . . . should I marry this werewolf?’’

And did Effie appeal to you right from the start? She’s over the top. I know you had a hand in the look of her…
Well, she’s definitely grotesque. The director’s only sort of reference for us, the team – me and the hair and makeup and costume design – was Joel Grey in “Cabaret.’’ So, we started there.

Banks also talked about pursuing a writing career.

One thing you haven’t tried is writing. Is that something you’d ever do?
I really enjoy writing. I plan to do more writing. I started ElizabethBanks.com – please send all your readers to it – where I intend to blog. I love Twitter, but 140 characters isn’t doing it for me anymore. I’d love to write a book someday, for sure. I don’t know if I will, but I’d like to. Let me put it this way – I didn’t put it on the goals of 2012, but it’s a life goal.

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