Celebrate the 1st International Hunger Games Week with HungerTimes and the Panem World members

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We are excited to announce the celebration of the 1st International Hunger Games Week!

It was recently announced that HungerTimes has joined the Panem World fan site group as representatives of the U.S. fans, as well as representing Spain fans with the spanish version of HungerTimes. As our first big Panem World collaboration, all members of the group have organized a worldwide celebration to express our love for all things Hunger Games! Here’s the press release:

The webmasters of Panem World’s member fansites are pleased to announce the celebration of the 1st International Hunger Games Week.

Meant as a celebration for all things Hunger Games, the 1st International Hunger Games Week will be celebrated by all 18 member fan sites of the Panem World group, and will feature, across the seven days of the week, different activities to give fans the opportunity to express their love for the series; including but not limited to: fan art and writing competitions, official merchandise giveaways, the publication of special Hunger Games-related opinion and investigation pieces, and many more surprises.

Planned around the publication anniversary of the first book in the The Hunger Games series (September 14), the 1st International Hunger Games Week will be celebrated from Monday, September 10, 2012 to Sunday, September 16, 2012.

Panem World invites media outlets, fan groups, fan sites and general members of the Hunger Games community to join the celebration on their own Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram accounts, using the official hashtag of the celebration (#IntlHungerGamesWeek) to tell the world about why we love this amazing saga that has become, to us, more than just a story.

We are really excited about this project, and expect you to join us in the celebration! Keep a close look on the site as we’ll announce on the following hours some of the activities that we’ll organize as part of the 1st International Hunger Games Week. We recommend you to visit the Panem World official website for more information about the group and its members (Right now there are fan sites from 18 different countries!).

Also, don’t forget to follow our Twitter and Facebook pages for more surprises, and use the hashtag #IntlHungerGamesWeek.

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