‘Catching Fire’ production supposedly moving to Oahu, Hawaii by the end of November

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Oahu, Hawaii

North Carolina-based reporter Russ Bowen, who’s been for a while now a thrust-worthy source for news about the production of the Hunger Games movies, has recently tweeted some information regarding the production schedule for the last quarter of the Catching Fire filming process.

Back in the summer of this year we began hearing strong rumors indicating some portion of Catching Fire would be filmed in a Hawaii isle. The one that was most mentioned by the reports was the isle of Kauai, which is a popular destination for Hollywood productions. A few weeks after the rumor started, we were able to exclusively deny the reports, thanks to a reputable source in the isle’s Tourism Department; and thought it is known fact that the production will be headed to a Hawaii isle to shoot some scenes, no official source has confirmed which was the chosen territory.

All this taken into account, it’s interesting that reporter Russ Bowen is now not only confirming that shooting in Atlanta, GA (which started on September 10) will end on November 20 but also revealing that cast and crew will be headed to Oahu, Hawaii six days after that.

We’ll still need to wait for official prove, but for now this is enough to keep us all interested!

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