Analyzing the Trailer: 12 Favorite Moments from the new ‘Catching Fire’ Trailer

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Because to watch it over and over again is not enough, we are ready to break the fabulous new Catching Fire trailer down to pieces and analyze it to the last second. As the first in a series of analytic posts, we’ve made a selection of our 12 favorite shots from the 2:25 video!

12. Facing the Audience

Catching Fire Comic Con Trailer Hunger Times - 12

If there’s something that defines Catching Fire it is Katniss’ interactions with the Capitol audience. It’s fascinating to see how Katniss struggles while she tries to hide and show certain feelings when she’s in the limelight. She wants to send a message to the public without being too obvious to the point she incriminates herself in front of President Snow. The images contained in the trailer related to this aspect of the story show us that director Francis Lawrence won’t let us down.

11. The Girl With The Bow And Arrow

Catching Fire Comic Con Trailer Hunger Times - 06

To imagine Katniss without her bow and arrow is like imaginining a Harry Potter without a wand. We couldn’t be less than satisfied about the fact that the trailer editors didn’t forget to include at least one shot of Katniss training with her favorite weapon!

10. Shocked

Catching Fire Comic Con Trailer Hunger Times - 09

Those who have read the second book of the series (if you haven’t, what are you waiting for??) know about the shocking moment Katniss experiences just seconds before entering the arena. In this blink-and-miss shot from the trailer we can see a clearly upset Katniss during her first moments inside the arena. We can’t wait to watch her full reaction in the movie.

9. The Training Center

Catching Fire Comic Con Trailer Hunger Times - 05

It’s on these scenes that the change of director becomes more obvious; as well as the budget increase! Towards the end of last year Jennifer Lawrence described the new director’s style as more fantastical than Gary Ross’, and in these spectacular images we can see what she meant.

8. The Tributes

Catching Fire Comic Con Trailer Hunger Times - 02

One of the most emotionally-charged moments in the book is the scene where all former victors, now tributes once again, put their hands together to become one while on stage after the Caesar Flickerman pre-games interviews. Here we can see our first sneak peek at the 24 tributes together on stage.

7. Finnick

Catching Fire Comic Con Trailer Hunger Times - 04

We only have to remember the highly public casting process to confirm that Finnick is without a doubt the most anticipated new character in Catching Fire. Wether you still have your doubts on Sam Claflin as Finnick or not, there’s no denying on the fact that watching him in full costume, on video, is really exciting!

6. The Star-Crossed Lovers of District 12

Catching Fire Comic Con Trailer Hunger Times - 03

Even though the trailer contains less Peeta than we’d like, Lionsgate was generous enough to give us a brief glimpse of what the relationship between Katniss and Peeta looks like while they get ready to take on the Quarter Quell.

5. The Girl On Water?

Catching Fire Comic Con Trailer Hunger Times - 01

You may remember that at the end of the first movie, during the victor interview, Katniss stopped being the Girl On Fire dressing herself on blue tones, in an attempt to lessen the concerns of President Snow. Well, this image suggests that her prep team will make a similar attempt at the beginning of the movie. There’s no denying though that no matter the colors she’s wearing, Jennifer Lawrence always looks stunning as Katniss.

4. The Arena

Catching Fire Comic Con Trailer Hunger Times - 10

Even when we only get to see a few seconds of the arena, if you are quick and press pause at the right moment, it’s possible to get a glimpse of the Cornucopia and the spikes of the clock in the arena. We won’t probably see much more of the actual games during the promotional campaign of the movie, just like we didn’t see any of the action for The Hunger Games prior to its theatrical release; so enjoy!.

3. The Tribute Parade

Catching Fire Comic Con Trailer Hunger Times - 07

The trailer lets us appreciate two things about this film that look different from the first film: the cinematography and the visual effects. It looks like both are better (Not that they were bad in the first movie), and even though we cannot yet tell if Francis decided to keep the shaky camera movements, what we’ve seen so far has us satisfied.

2. The Mockingjay

Catching Fire Comic Con Trailer Hunger Times - 13

Just like the Katniss dress that caught fire in the first film, fans are eager to watch the transformation of Katniss’ wedding dress to the full mockingjay outfit, and even if we have to wait until November to watch the full-on change, the trailer gives us a clear idea of how it will look like on the big screen.

1. The Couple On Fire

Catching Fire Comic Con Trailer Hunger Times - 08

Finally, the quick scene of Katniss and Peeta in the tribute parade reminds us why Lionsgate, Francis Lawrence and the whole cast have our full trust. Jennifer and Josh look perfect as the victors of District 12; the make up and hair are incredible, the costumes look wonderful. We are relaxed knowing that they are doing an excellent job with this second adaptation, but we couldn’t be more anxious for November 22 to come!

Do you agree with our list of favorite moments? Would you add any other? Leave us your opinion on the comments below, and, if what you want is to watch the trailer again, click here.


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